About Us

UnDowner.com is a web project that was born in October 2015 with the intent to monitor all popular websites for downtimes or outages. This web service monitors automatically every popular website every N minutes, so this assures an up to date report, but it allows you also to check a specific website manually. Technically, the service tries to connect to the remote website and tries to fetch the homepage, if this succeeds it reports the website as online (without checking the http code), else, the website is reported as offline.

In every website report, we describe some methods to access a website that is down just for you but not for other users, how to fix browser-related problems and much more. We also recommend to use a VPN service in case a website cannot be accessed due to web filters or other blocks. If you have other methods to recommend do not hesitate to contact us via email, so we can review and test the suggested method.

This is all we have to say.